University Level: 

Chair, Flagship 2020 Commission, 2015-2016

Search Committee for Associate Vice President of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2012

ADVANCE initiative for inclusive excellence, 2010-present

President’s Committee on the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2011-12

College Level:

Dean’s Search Committee, 2012-2013

Co-Chair: PhD Task Force, 2011-12

Advisory Board, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, 2010-Present

Department Level:

Member, Organization Behavior and Human Resources Search Committee, 2011-12

Chair, Strategy Search Committee 2010-11

Co-Chair, PhD Force, 2010-11

PhD Advisor, 2010-present

Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Director, The Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets
Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland


University Level:

Graduate Teaching Orientation Planning, Summer 1999

Advisory Board, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, 1998-2000

Facilitated workshop on “Active Learning Techniques” at Summer Faculty Development Institute, 2000

Facilitated workshop on “Use of Learning by Objective Model for On-line Teaching” at Summer Faculty Development Institute, 2000

Facilitated workshop on “Implementation Strategies for WebCT” at Summer Faculty Development Institute, 2000

Delivered seminar on “Research OR Teaching:  A False Dichotomy” at Summer Faculty Development Institute, 1999

Delivered talk on Faculty Use of the WWW through Instructional Resources, UCF, Spring 1997

College Level:

Masters Program Review Committee, Spring 2000-Spring 2001

Accounting Economics Finance Seminar Series Committee, Fall 1996 – Spring 2001

Technology Advisory Committee, Spring 1996- Spring 1997

Institutional Effectiveness Committee Fall 1996-Spring 1997

Web-site Development, College of Business, Fall 1996-Spring 1997

Department Level:

Founder and Coordinator, Faculty Research Working Paper Series in Fall 1996 – Spring 2001

Founder and Coordinator, Brown Bag Seminar Series in Economics, Fall 1997 – Spring 2001

Co-chair of Recruiting Committee,  1997-1998, and member each year in 1995-2000

Webmaster Fall 1995- Spring 2001.

Software Review Committee, Fall 1996- Spring 2001

Journal Categorization Committee, Fall 1998-Spring 1999

Ph.D Ad-hoc Committee, Fall 1997- Spring 1998

MAAE Comprehensive Exam Committee, Fall 1995- Spring 1998

Research Methods Committee, Fall 1995- Spring 1996


University Level:

Program Director, CEM (Certificate for Entrepreneurship and Management) for Life-Scientists, 2007- 2010

Executive Committee Member, PSM (Professional Science Masters), 2008-2010

Advisor and Presenter, GAMES (Girls Adventures in Math, Engineering and Sciences) 2007-2010

Co-organizer, University of Illinois Regional FIRST LEGO Competition, 2007-2009

Provost Search Committee 2009

Co-chair, Institutional Entrepreneurship @ Illinois Provost Committee, 2007- 2009

College of Business Dean Search Committee, 2007-2009

Academy of Entrepreneurial Leadership Advisory Board, 2005-2008

Graduate College Executive Committee, 2007- 2008

Institute for Genomic Biology, Research and Teaching Initiatives, 2005-2010

College Level:

Search Committee, Associate Director for IBC, 2007-2008

Faculty Interactions related to Technology Initiatives , 2005-2006

Search Committee for Senior Director Position, Academy of Entrepreneurial Leadership, 2006

Sub-committee on Resource Initiatives for Strategic Plan, 2005-2006

Faculty Guide/Mentor for T&M program student trip to India, January 2006

Department Level:  

Advisory Committee for Full Professor Promotion, 2008-present

Group Coordinator, Strategy, 2006- 2008

Technology Management Search Chair, 2005-2006

Pro-seminar Coordinator, Fall 2005

Advisory Committee, Department of Business Administration, 2003-2005

Graduate Studies Committee, 2002-2005

PhD Coordinator, 2002-2005

Co-Chair of Search Committee on Technology and Entrepreneurship, 2004-2005

Search Committee for Endowed Chair in Technology Management, 2002-2004

Technology Management Track for MBA, 2002-2003 

Pro-seminar Coordinator, 2001-2003